It's Time to get Back to Basics.

Making sure you get the representation you deserve.

Mark has served as a leader for the majority of his life.  Whether he is serving on a board of directors or in the business world he attributes his success to his commitment to serve others.  The best leaders are not the persons with the most money or the biggest muscles.  Instead; the best leaders are the ones who can build the best relationships.

 Mark believes ideas should not be judged as partisan or bi-partisan, they are good or bad.  He looks forward to presenting, developing and hearing ideas in Washington.  He will fight against the ideas that are bad for our State and push with all of my might for those ideas that make Maryland a better place to live, work and do business.

"It is my honor and privilege to endorse Mark McNicholas for Maryland State Senator. I have  known Mark for eight years and have always admired his servant heart and authenticity. His reputation of being a family man with a perfectly calibrated ethical and moral compass is unquestionable. 

Mark truly listens to those he speaks and communicates with such optimism and vigor. His experience in the business community brings understanding and support for Maryland's small business owners.  Being a military veteran myself, I know that Mark will continue to ensure our voices are heard and we continue to feel Maryland's respect and appreciation for our sacrifices. 

Mark McNicholas embodies the spirit of what I feel we need in a state senator and he can certainly count on me for his support.
"   -Matt Turmelle